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No matter whether you regard yourself as a proud maximalist, a minimalist, or even if you think you’re somewhere in between, there are so many ways to embrace your personality and style using a wonderfully decorated coffee table.

As one of the main focal points of any room, the right coffee table can beautifully complement your living space, helping to bring out the best of the furniture in the room. But what is the best way to create an attractive and functional display, without overpowering the space?


Combine shapes and textures

Round coffee tables are a great inclusion in a smaller room as they give the illusion of spaciousness. However, you may find they’re a little difficult to style as you don’t want the surface to feel cluttered and evoke complete chaos. One of the best ways to style these surfaces, but without using an overwhelming number of decorations, is by incorporating varying shapes that will help the surface feel more dynamic and arranging the items in a triangle fashion. These items should connect through similar colours, style, shapes, or themes – keeping the coffee table looking visually interesting and full of dimension.


Coffee table books

Book stacks are going to become your new best friend. To create a fun and interesting visual interest, coffee table books make great focal points – especially if they have engaging front covers. The books are not only a great way to break up the space, but book stacks are also a great way to elevate an ornament as you can incorporate various styles to keep the coffee table looking more interesting. We recommend choosing books which incorporate the design and feel of the room, whilst varying the height of the stacks to make it feel more compact and less cluttered. This is an effortless way to really brighten up your coffee table and give it some life.


Include natural elements

By incorporating natural elements on your coffee table, this is the perfect way to create an eye-catching, extravagant focal point which doesn’t take over the atmosphere of the interior. Greenery and flowers are full of vibrant colours and shapes which immediately draw the eye of any person who enters the space, whilst breaking up the potential monotony of too many solid items. Especially if you have a more toned-down colour scheme, by adding some natural flair into your room the bright pop of colour can warm up the space and break up the neutral feel of the room.


Experiment with a tray

As we have already mentioned, the secret to perfectly decorating a coffee table is dividing the surface so it doesn’t feel messy and cluttered. By adding a tray, this does all the work for you. It is especially good if you have a larger table, as it allows you to showcase several items without the surface looking too overwhelming. Smaller ornaments will not get overpowered and lost amongst any larger display items, balancing out the proportions and ensuring the set up complements the feel of the room. Remember, you always have the option to rotate pieces out seasonally to keep your look fresh and up to date, so don’t panic too much about what items are displayed initially – they can always be switched.