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Did you know, 45% of private renters experience anxiety as a result of housing concerns? This is just one reason why so many private renters are moving towards the Build to Rent sector, where homes are designed with tenants in mind. Residents will no longer need to worry about their home not being fit for purpose or poorly maintained, as BTR operators are putting the tenants first. But what factors should they prioritise to improve their residents’ quality of life? Let’s take a look.


Security & support


To have a stable and happy home, tenants want to feel secure. The general consensus is that privately rented properties tend to be less secure, and you get no support, and the key to a happy tenancy has always been a positive relationship between landlord and tenant. Therefore, Build to Rent developers are trying to prove this misconception wrong, as it’s not just the design and functionality of buildings that is important to residents.

When it comes to building management, BTR operators are offering benefits such as 24-hour concierge, housekeeping and dedicated building maintenance. For a tenant, just having someone at the end of the phone to provide support when a problem arises is fundamental. Whatever you need, they’re on-site to help.


Health & wellbeing


On average, Brits say they work out 2.9 times a week, this includes at home, gyms, studios and outdoors – so staying fit and healthy is of the utmost priority for our nation. All generations make time for fitness, so it’s no wonder why BTR developers are ensuring health and wellbeing is an element of their Build to Rent experience.


From onsite gyms and yoga studios, Build to Rent operators are trying to encourage mindful movement and help residents to feel happier and healthier in the long run. Developments are also built in prime locations which make it easier for residents to commute by bike, as well as providing cycle storage – adapting their approach to people’s attitudes and lifestyle choices.


Quality design


Build to Rent developments are designed to suit every lifestyle, so operators work with specialist furniture companies to present the highest quality interiors and appliances. Design matters to tenants, so choosing the right furniture is critical in creating comfortable homes where occupants feel safe, secure and happy. Tenants are even willing to pay premiums for products that meet their needs.


To prove this importance of high-quality design, the HomeViews platform has reviews from top BTR developments across the country. In terms of design, reviews for the bottom 3% of rated developments predominantly focused on poor quality fixtures and fittings which residents said were not built to last. On the contrary, 39% of the reviews for the Top 10 developments for Design described their flat or development as ‘modern’ or ‘new’.



Outdoor space


In an increasingly urbanised world, people are craving outdoor, green spaces, more than ever. Especially due to the pandemic, where we were all shut inside for months, this is becoming a huge priority for households up and down the country. Many studies over the last few years have also shown a clear link between green spaces and maintaining good mental health. Access to nature has also been found to improve sleep and reduce stress, increase happiness and reduce negative emotions.


The importance of this factor on tenant wellbeing is shifting the way BTR operators design their entire schemes, prioritising communal roof terraces, balconies and even designing parkland settings within the grounds.


Final thoughts


Despite the property market becoming more-and-more crowded, Build to Rent is undoubtably thriving. BTR operators are listening to their tenants’ needs and understanding what they really want, ensuring that they stand out from their competitors.